Your financial success is important to us...

Within our personal money management division we provide the
following key services:
A simple plan and budget may be all it takes to get you on track to
reach the financial stability you've been dreaming off. We also
provide daily money management services for clients who need
extra help organizing bills and creating budgets who don't have the
time or never learned how to manage their money well.
Patterson Financial Services, Inc.
Personal Money Management Services Provided

Do you lack discipline in your
financial affairs?

Do you need a financial coach?

Are your finances in disarray?

Are you in serious debt?

Do you hate the word "budget"?

Do you avoid balancing your
2. Financial Coaching & Training
1. Financial Planning & Budgeting
We help clients set and achieve their financial goals through our
financial coaching program.  A little inspiration, motivation and
training can mean all the difference in the world in accomplishing
your objectives.
3. Income & Expense Analysis
Not sure how to track your income and/or expenses or just don't
have the time to do it yourself - we can help.  You need to keep
track of and know your ins and outs.  "We must always first know
were we are in order to ultimately move toward a specific direction."
We conduct seminars on various topics such as sessions entitled  
"Budgeting: Living Within Your Means," "Freedom from Debt,"
"Turning Your Financial Dreams Into Goals," and Taking Control of
Your Finances," among others.  We are also available to design a
specific seminar based on the expected needs of the audience.  
We are proud promoters of financial literacy.
Don't Delay! Take Action!
Be Accountable...
For Your Finances!
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If so, let us know!
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