Our Mission
Our company's underlying goal is to
inform and empower through fiscal
management and accountability.  We
are dedicated to providing precise and
reliable services, guidance and
support for the accounting, tax and
money management processes.  

We encourage all our clients,
churches, individuals & businesses
alike, to adopt sound methods of
financial accountability as a guide to
growth and greater success.


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Welcome to Patterson Financial Services, Inc.

We are an accounting, bookkeeping & personal money
management consulting company offering a full range of
financial services.  If you're looking for personalized quality
services you've come to the right place.

Our company takes pleasure in getting to know our clients,
working closely with them and helping them grow & succeed.  
It's certain our clients are the most valued partners in our
business, since ultimately - your success is our success.

We build our company one client at a time, take a pro-active
approach to inform & empower our clients, are adamant
about quality, and are committed to excellence in the services
we provide.

We are waiting to assist you with your needs through the use
of our comprehensive services.

Give us a call - We're ready to start "
through fiscal management and

We want to see you thrive!
Patterson Financial Services, Inc.
"Empowering Your Vision Through Fiscal Management & Accountability" ™
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